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Operations Management 

Getting the most out of your assets based on what you have. And when thats not enough, we figure out how to change whats in front of you. Thats the core elements of our take on process and maintenance management.

Performance evaluation of your current operations

We help you identify the areas of opportunity for improvements, whether it is a management issue, an investment need or simply a lack of the right technology to support your operation.

LEAN and other production systems

we got experience from several production systems. We adapt our approach based on your business.

Management processes & methods

We help you set up and sustain the right management processes & culture to start managing on your controllable performance:

  • KPI:s

  • Meeting management

  • Reporting structures

  • Deviation handling

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Filip Wistrand

General Lead

10 years of experience from analysis, valuations, EPC sales   and operational excellence in nuclear, hydro, bio-power as consultant and strategist


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