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A New Kind

of Tribe.

How are We Different?

The Nordic Tribe is a consulting firm run by the partners. We build success for our clients by engaging people who get things going.


When we hire people we don´t search for people with backgrounds from the right schools, the right looks, or the most polished shoes. We hire doers with experience and in-depth knowledge. 

We got tired of not seeing the full potential from the advice of traditional consulting firms and started focusing on building momentum for our clients instead. Therefore, do not expect a group of night owls or 200 slides PowerPoint presentations when employing The Tribe. Expect progress.

Most of our seniors have a background from various traditional consulting-firms and all members of the tribe know how to do the traditional work, but that´s not what we focus on. 


The nordic tribe deliver impact over reports. 

Join the Tribe

Join us! We strive to be the next generation management consultants.  But be prepared to pull your weight and have fun with inspiring colleagues.

Junior Consultants

We are constantly looking for newly graduates with a MS.c or BS.c in a technical, business or financial degrees. our requirements are that you are willing to learn, ready to work and bring experience field experience from working in heavy industries, as a mechanic, operator, engineer, planner,  team leader or similar job position.  

We offer you our training package, a competitive salary and compensation package, but primarily we can guarantee you a lot of fun together with the rest of the Tribe!

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Independent Consultants

We welcome independent consultants to join the Tribe. We believe that although it is great being free, it is much more fun and comfortable being in the Tribe. After all, that is why the Tribe was founded.

We are always interested in new members, and right now we are searching for:

  • BIM Specialists,

  • BI specialista,  

  • LEAN professionals.

We offer you sales support, invoicing aid, office space centrally located, training opportunities and a fair set-up.  

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Joint venture as a Business Partners

The Tribe is always open for new exiting partnerships with other firms. We believe that by establishing clear rules of engagement we can grow together and benefit each others development. Contact our CEO for more information regarding partnerships.

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